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Warning: This is a United States Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) computer system, which may be accessed and used only for official Government business by authorized personnel. Unauthorized access or use of this computer system may subject violators to criminal, civil, and/or administrative action. All information on this computer system may be intercepted, recorded, read, copied, and disclosed by and to authorized personnel for official purposes, including criminal investigations. Access or use of this computer system by any person whether authorized or unauthorized, constitutes consent to these terms.

The Position Entry for Reportable Traders (PERT Online) application can be used to prepare traders' futures and option position data for reporting to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC). In this application, you can enter reportable data and submit the data to the Cftc.

First time users must obtain a User ID and Password to gain access to this page.

Registration And Log In Information
Login to PERT Online here.

We recommend that you routinely change your password. The CFTC reserves the right to reset any Passwords that have been lost or stolen or have not been used for more than 120 days; The CFTC reserves the right to modify, suspend, deactivate, terminate or delete any account that violates any part of CFTC Data Submission Account Creation & User Registration Agreement.

NOTICE: All PERT Online users must register and begin submitting their positions exclusively through the CFTC Portal by Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. For more information on the Portal PERT form and registration process please visit
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Margaret Sweet
Supervisor, Data Operations
Chicago Regional Office

Support hours: 8am – 5pm (Eastern Time)